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Exclusively Yours

Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey This cute, funny contemporary romance that will have readers falling in love with the entire Kowalski clan.

Honestly, the family is the best part of this book (and of the series). You’ll fall in love with the individual members of this big family — from their scheming ways to their loyalty to one another, the Kowalski’s are wonderful family. The banter between siblings is hilarious and very nicely done.

Of course, the heart of Exclusively Yours is a sweet, second-chance romance between two old high school sweethearts who find themselves thrown together after many, many years apart. I loved that Joe was totally teasing Keri from the start — everyday she survives the camping trip with his family, she gets a question, and no one is making it easy on her, especially Joe’s twin sister. The tables soon turn, however, and Joe quickly realizes that he may have gotten himself in over his head.

This was a really fun read that is easily finished in a few hours. Trust me, you’ll be grabbing books two and three soon after finishing this first. I hope Shannon Stacey has more books with the Kowalskis.

3.5 stars.