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If Angels Burn: A Novel of the Darkyn

If Angels Burn - Lynn Viehl On the to an fro tweeting of friends who had read an where in the midst of reading these books, I grew curious.

Veihl created some truly wonderful and intriguing characters. I found myself wanting to know more about their lives and personal stories.

At times I grew tired of Alex's tough chick persona as well as her brother's battle against his inner demons.

I really enjoyed reading the scenes with the Darkyn, especially scenes with Phillip. Small part that he had, this minor character left a big impression on me for some reason. I'm most curious about Theirry, and am looking forward to learning more about him in "Private Demon".

Despite my annoyance with Alex, she has some redeeming moments that made me smile and laugh. Some of the sexual scenes made me giggle, but overall the plot was great and I really enjoyed the book.