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Marked (Eternal Guardians)

Marked - Elisabeth Naughton Elisabeth Naughton blends Greek and Roman mythology with action and romance in Marked, the first book of her Eternal Guardians series.

Theron, leader of the Argonauts and descendant of Hercules, has always done his duty. But when he meets half-human, half-Argoleon Casey, he is put to the test as he struggles to make a sacrifice that will either save his kingdom or destroy it.

Thrown into an ancient world she never knew existed, Casey is also thrown head first into an ancient prophecy that says she has to die in order to save the Argoleon race. Casey handles the news of her mixed heritage with aplomb as she bands together with the other mesos – half human, half Argoleons – as the battle the daemons unleashed by a dark goddess, Atalanta, who hates all things having to do with the Argonauts, and wants to destroy them and their world. In in a cruel twist of fate (and having somewhat to do with a curse put upon the Argonauts by Hera), Theron finds his soul mate in the one person who must die to save his people – Casey.

As the attraction between Casey and Theron heats up, will the leader of the Argonauts be able to let go of his soul mate in order to save his people? Or will he risk everything and lead Argolea to its destruction in order to save the woman he loves?

Naughton’s innovative use of Greek and Roman mythology and paranormal elements is fresh and engaging. Marked is a fast-paced, thrilling, romantic and satisfying read. I thoroughly enjoyed this first book to what is sure to be a fantastic new paranormal romance series.

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