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Naamah's Kiss (Kushiel's Legacy Series #7)

Naamah's Kiss - Jacqueline Carey Set 150 years after Imriel's story, Naamah's Kiss centers on Moirin, a young girl raised in the wild by a dwindling line of magical people known as the Maghuinn Dhonn. So when her goddess, the Brown Bear, shows her that she has a role to play in the fate of the world, Moirin must leave her mother and the only home she's ever known.

Moirin starts her journey by looking for her father, a D'Angeline priest serving Naamah, the D'Angeline goddess of desire. Her life in Terre d'Ange is short lived as her destiny sends her to thee far reaches of the empire of Ch'in where she must rescue the emperor's daughter from the dragon spirit trapped within her.

Carey's amazing world is once again brought to life in beautiful detail. I absolutely love her writing - it's elegant, beautiful and captivating. Fans of epic fantasy who have not read Carey are in for a real treat when they pick up her books. There is magic, romance, action, heartache, war, destiny and so much more.

Get your fix.