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Dangerous Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel

Dangerous Highlander - Donna Grant When I purchased this book a few months ago, I honestly did not expect to love it as much as I did. At the time I bought this, I was reading a lot of urban fantasy, so all the book covers where filled with bad ass, tough girls.

Enter half naked man in a kilt.

I bought this in a fit of giggles, because it was historical romance -- something I rarely, if ever, read. But because I'm married to an Irish kilt-wearing highland bagpiper, so at the time, it was kind of funny to me to have this book sitting in my TBR pile.

And then I actually read it.


First, this is not just a historical romance. This is historical paranormal romance with action! Donna Grant truly surprised me (in a wonderful, wonderful way) with this book.

The story follows Cara Sinclair, would-be nun, as she nearly plummets to her death one night and is saved by a mysterious man. She wakes in MacLeod castle, a place thought to be haunted. When Cara learns that her mysterious savior is none other than Lucan MacLeod -- a man of legend who lived hundreds of years ago, she's shocked. More surprising still is that Lucan's equally legendary brothers, Fallon and Quinn are living in the castle too.

The brothers have been hiding from an evil druid witch for nearly 300 years, and struggling to cope with the demonic God that inhabits their souls. When Lucan saves Cara, he threatens to expose the secrets he and his brothers have worked so hard at hiding. But Cara is not exactly what she seems either, she's got her own secret -- a secret that could cost Cara her life.

Can Lucan protect her and his heart? Or will they give into the passion that consumes them both?

Get your fix.