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Wicked Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel

Wicked Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel - Donna Grant I was so super excited when I received an ARC of Wicked Highlander. Of all the MacLeod brothers, I immediately fell for Quinn, the youngest.

He's lost a wife and a child, and has never quite forgiven himself for their deaths. Because of his grief and guilt, Quinn has a hard time controlling his inner god. So as happy as he wants to be for Lucan and Cara, he's tormented by his guilt and jealousy and ultimately he decides that some time on his own will do him good.

Only, immediately after leaving, he finds himself in trapped and made a prisoner in Dierdre's mountain fortress. Deirdre's determined to break Quinn so that he unleashes his demon, but for once, Quinn's keeping a tight leash on his demon -- despite daily torture and torment.

But when Deirdre tosses Marcail, a powerful druid, into the pit, Quinn protects her while wondering why Deirdre has spared the life of a druid. Marcail is as beautiful as she is a mystery and the more time he spends near her, the less Quinn can resist his desire toward her. Dierdre, however, has different plans for these two and their passion is put to the ultimate test.

Wicked Highlander was epic. Donna Grant definitely does not disappoint. There's a scorching hot romance and a whole lot of action. Wicked Highlander surges with sensuality and is by far the best Dark Sword book yet.

If you've yet to read the Dark Sword series, do so. You definitely won't regret it.