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A Princess of Landover

A Princess of Landover - Terry Brooks Terry Brooks is one of those authors whose books I see all the time on bookshelves but have never read.

On the return trip from my honeymoon, I realized sitting in the airport that I had run out of books. I packed eight books for a seven day trip, and I had read all of them! So, I picked out A Princess of Landover while in the airport.

It was only after reading this novel that I learned that it's actually book six in a series that came out more than a decade ago! Having no knowledge of Landover or previous novels by Brooks is definitely not necessary for reading A Princess of Landover.

The story centers on Mistaya, the princess of Landover, who is a teenager and a bit rebellious. Kicked out of a private school in the human realm (for using magic to invoke the image of a dragon to scare another girl), she returns to Landover only to find that her father is not going to be lenient and give in to what she wants. Instead, her father decides she needs her own project and suggests going to the magical library, Libris, to restore it to its former glory.

Feeling as though life is unfair (ahh, teenagers), Mistaya runs away, only to find herself in the library anyway. In Libris, she finds herself wanting to solve the mystery of what lurks in the shadows in the back of the stacks. There is also a rather sweet, innocent romance that unfold throughout the story too.

While this book is fantasy, it's very light and not nearly as complex as other fantasies, like Lord of the Rings or The Wheel of Time series. Brooks is humorous and light-hearted, but there's something about Brooks' writing that sucks you in and keeps you enraptured with the characters.

This book works wonderfully as a stand-alone, there's no need to read the first five books in the Landover series. I think, though, I will go back and read them down the road, because I thoroughly enjoyed this book and Brooks' style of fantasy.

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