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Just One Taste

Just One Taste (Recipe for Love #3) - Louisa Edwards Of the three wonderful books in this series, “Just One Taste” is definitely my favorite.

Almost all of this can be credited to one character: Rosemary.

Seriously. Rosemary totally made this book for me. She was so adorably geeky, it was impossible not to love her from the start. She was quirky, hyper-intelligent, but also bumbling and awkward. She wore a lot of nerdy shirts — for which I give Louisa Edwards extra brownie points — such as a Star Wars shirt and even a Browncoat shirt.

Throughout the book, Rosemary’s adorable self will keep you smiling. There were a few moments where the dynamic between Rosemary and Wes reminded me of Bones and Booth from the TV show, Bones.

“Just One Taste” also satisfies the reader with the conclusion of the secondary romance that has played out throughout the first two books. Finally, all the answers about Frankie and Jess’s relationship are answered!

And just like the previous books, this one also comes with some recipes from dishes featured in the story.

A solid four stars. Love this series.