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Burning Down the Spouse

Burning Down the Spouse - Dakota Cassidy Need a good romance and a lot laughs?

Read Dakota Cassidy.


I fell in love with the fabulous Queen Dakota with her "Accidental Friends" series. But her newest series that follows ex-trophy wives? If I were a little dog, I'd hump the shit out of Dakota's leg. That's how excited I am with this series.

The second book in the "Ex-Trophy Wives" series, "Burning Down the Spouse" follows Frankie, a woman who is the tabloid sweetheart after her catastrophic meltdown on live TV. While hiding out in her aunt's retirement village seems like the best plan ever to Frankie, she's soon given sage wisdom from other ex-trophy wives, "Suck it up, princess."

As Frankie goes to work in a Greek diner, hilarity follows our unkempt and mostly unbathed heroine. Nikos' mother reminds me of all the mothers/aunts in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" -- and that's not a bad thing. Voula is a sweet lady, but definitely the kind you can't ever say no to.

Then of course there is Nikos...

Hot and Greek.

Nothing else really matters, but if you most know, he's an all around decent guy, if a bit on the stubborn side.

Frankie and Nikos try to deny their chemistry for one another at first, but it's jumping off the pages like Greek food I can't pronounce.

For lots of laughs, a little drama (oh yea, the ex-husband returns!) and whole lot of Greek god loving, "Burning Down the Spouse" is it.

Now Seriously.

Read Dakota Cassidy.

Five Stars!