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Tainted (Blood Lily Chronicles, Book 1)

Tainted - Julie Kenner At first glance, Tainted may not seem to stand apart from other urban fantasies. Tough chick fighting demons to save the world is hardly a new or thrilling storyline. However, Tainted gives the reader a lot more than a familiar story.

For one, Julie Kenner's writing is riveting. It keeps you sucked in and turning pages. Plus, Lily Carlyle is so badass, she dies and comes back to life -- all in the first couple of pages!

This book has a lot of twist and turns, too. You only think you know what's going on, but Kenner pulls out some surprises through out the whole book. Lily's hunting demons, but as she kills them, she absorbs their essence. As that happens, she becomes more demonic herself -- so does Lily stay good or turn evil? To know that answer, you'll have to read the three books in the series...

But seriously, this book is fast-paced, gritty and gripping. It hooks you from page one and sucks you in. You can't help but read through to the end and then move on to the other two books in the series. Also...what urban fantasy would be complete without some temptation?

Look out for some hot demon men. :)

Four stars!