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The Dark Highlander (The Highlander Series, Book 5)

The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning This series has gone so far downhill. It'll be a long while before I read the last two books (if I even bother).

It's a shame, because my guilty romance novel pleasure are Highland romances. But this...

I can overlook a lot of annoying things in a book, but I could not get past how FUCKING IDIOTIC Chloe is/was.

Things Wrong With Chloe:
1. She's a virgin. Virgin heroines are OK if they have a genuine reason to be a heroine. But having a modern woman who is smart and feisty and is still a virgin just isn't very believable to me. This also bothered me because Chloe was the third virgin heroine in a row in this series. Can we change up the character profile a bit?

2. Chloe is unprofessional. She went snooping around some man's apartment. You were told to drop off the book and leave. There were some superficial reasons that led Chloe to stay, so I can kind of overlook this.

3. Chloe is held against her will by Daegus, and does not care. Just because a man is hot/sexy/attractive/using Magnum condoms, does not make it OK to basically be kidnapped.

4. Chloe makes ONE (count 'em: ONE) attempt to escape Daegus.

5. Even though she's pretty much been kidnapped, she agrees to fly to Scotland with a perfect stranger because she wants a stamp in her passport. Rather than leave to go pack on her own (and I don't know, do something smart like go to the police), she stays at Daegus's penthouse and he goes to her apartment to pack for her.

6. While Daegus is gone, a stranger shows up and Chloe fights off the stranger with a fucking sword! WHAT?! You wouldn't fight Daegus to escape the penthouse, but you'll fight another stranger? IDIOTIC C--T.

7. Chloe's favorite book....is book one in this EXACT SAME SERIES. Honestly? That's just cheap. At the very least her favorite book could have been another Highlander romance...there are lots to choose from.

It just gets worse and worse. I honestly stopped reading about 100 pages from the end because I could not take the characters any more.

The romance just wasn't believable and even that close to the end of the book, they "loved" each other for superficial reasons.

I really loved the second book in this series, but the rest of the series just gets progressively worse.

Just because you are a big, well-known author doesn't give you the right to get lazy with your story. I'm really very disappointed with this...and I can look past a lot of shit for the sake of a story that has a man in a kilt.