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Skin Dive (Skin, #4)

Skin Dive (Skin, #4) - Ava Gray I never hide that I'm a huge fangirl for Ava Gray (AKA Ann Aguirre). But I confess, where I give the rest of this series a solid 5 stars across the board, this one fell a star short for me.

Let me state very clearly, though: For fans of the series (or fans of paranormal romance in general), this book was amazing. Steamy smexy bits with lots of action made this another great addition to the Skin series.

Gillie was a strong heroine for being so innocent, and I liked that about her. On the same token, I found it really hard to swallow that an innocent virgin would be as dirty talking and forward as she was. She lived in captivity for most of her life -- it just didn't feel like a realistic response for her. But Taye is tortured and hawt. Maybe he makes all girls talk dirty.

And OMG. Points to Gray for the hottest game of "Truth or Dare" ever. Seriously.

This book, however, also had some heartache. Gray introduces some new characters and sheds more light on side characters introduced in earlier books.

Without giving away any spoilers, yes, you can expect happy endings, but they may not happen the way you think. *gets all cryptic and shifty eyed*

This book would have been another 5 stars if it wasn't for one incident that happened with one character. Oh man, I can't say anything without giving stuff away, but when you read this (as you should)...gah...I mean. Really.


I love you, but did you have to do that? I think you know what I'm talking about.

Still your fangirl,

Four stars.