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The Accidental Werewolf (The Accidental Series, Book 1)

The Accidental Werewolf - Dakota Cassidy Dakota Cassidy keeps you smiling (if not all out laughing) throughout this entire book.

Accidental Werewolf follows Marty Andrews, a door-to-door cosmetic sales rep, as she's bitten by a werewolf and suddenly forced to deal with all the changes that brings to her life --- like becoming a brunette and dealing with poor excuse of a tail.

Cassidy's writing is hilarious and the characters, though at times a bit one dimensional, are quirky and fun. Marty, who often appears very shallow through out the beginning, came into her own a bit at the end and it was pleasant to come to see her not as a blond bimbo she started off as, but as a very determined, comfortable-in-her-own-fur type of gal.

Cassidy blends a humor with a dash of suspense and a side of hot, paranormal romance that all comes together very nicely in the end.

Accidental Werewolf is a light, fun read. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Accidentally Dead.