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The Trouble With Magic (Bewitching Mysteries, No. 1)

The Trouble With Magic - Madelyn Alt I read this book purely as a fluff read, and that's mostly what it is: a cozy, fluff mystery.

The story centers around Maggie, who is fired from her office job and takes a job working in an antique store owned by Felicity, who is a witch. When the police show up on Maggie's first day to question her boss about the murder of her estranged sister, Maggie fears she may be out of a job again soon.

Due to prejudice against Felicity for being a practicing witch, the town is quick to call her guilty. But Maggie things otherwise, and she sets off to discover the truth. What ensues is a light, fun mystery packaged with a bit of romance and paranormal activity.

If you're looking for something light to read, then you'll enjoy this cute mix of murder, magic and mayhem as Maggie finds herself caught between the traditional Catholic values of her small hometown and her boss' secret witchy life.

It's pretty easy to figure out what's going on and what's going to happen with certain characters, but in the end I remembered that I purchased this book for some super light reading, and so I just had fun with it. I read a lot of cozy mysteries like this, and though they're predictable and fluffy, they're still worth reading.

Sometimes, you just need some fluff.

Get your fix.