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Forsaken By Shadow (Mirus (1.1))

Forsaken By Shadow - Kait Nolan I received a PDF file copy of this novella by the author, who is a part of the Indie Book Collective (IBC).

Even though this was a novella, which means it's shorter than the average novel, it took me longer finish than it should have.

At only 165 pages, I should have finished this in about an hour.

I liked Embry, she's a tough chick who's dealt with her past by throwing herself into her work. Cade, who remembers nothing of his life, manages to make a name for himself and build a life, despite not having past. As Gage, however, he seems a bit more friendly and confident. I don't know if that's because he's reunited with Embry or because he can remember his past --- maybe it's a little bit of both.

Forsaken by Shadow starts off slow, building steam as the story goes on. The first two chapters were really confusing as chapter two is set ten years after chapter one, and you don't find out until a few pages into chapter two.

There are some flashbacks that don't read as flashbacks until midway through, and though that writing technique is a good one and it works, for Forsaken By Shadow, it just didn't feel believable. I was more confused than anything.

Even though this is a novella and an introduction to the Mirus world Kait Nolan is creating, there is more back story thrown into it than necessary and not enough world building. I didn't get a feel for Embry's gift until midway through the story.

At times it felt as though Nolan wanted to write a novel, but pulled herself back into the novella mode at the last moment.

Nolan does have an interesting world of magic and paranormals that I would have liked to see more of. I would have liked to have read more about the magic use, the Mirus people, the Shadow Walkers, the Council of Races and the paranormal races she introduces throughout the story.

Once Embry and Cade/Gage are reunited, they dance around one another, unsure of how to pick up their past relationship, or even if they should. Besides, they're on a suicide mission -- there's not really a lot of time for talking about the past.

The last third of the book is exciting and action-packed. It reads quickly, as is the strongest part of the story. Nolan has a strong voice -- if you enjoy urban fantasy writers like Patricia Briggs, Carrie Vaughn or Devon Monk, you'll enjoy Kait Nolan.

I rate Forsaken by Shadow 3 stars. Though her debut novella could have used a bit more work, Nolan is definitely a writer to watch out for, and I believe her writing will get stronger with time.

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