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Pleasure Me

Pleasure Me - Monica Burns As I've said a few times before, historical romance is not my favorite genre (unless it involves men in kilts --- but that's another topic for another day). Historical romances, for whatever reason, have never held a lot of appeal to me. Whenever I read a historical by Monica Burns, however, I'm instantly engrossed in the time period and the characters.

It's not easy for a historical to capture my undivided attention, and Monica Burns does just that.

"Pleasure Me" centers on Ruth Attwood, a courtesan who, at age 41, fears she is no longer desirable. Enter Garrick Stratfield, a young nobleman who provides Ruth with an offer she can't refuse.

Garrick has lived his life with an embarrassing birth defect. As a result, he's spent much of his life overcompensating. What I enjoyed about Garrick was that despite overcompensating, he was still an all-around decent guy. He was by know means bitter or angry.

Neither, for that matter, was Ruth bitter or angry at her lot in life.

Monica Burns excels at creating unique characters. An older courtesan. A young virgin man.

These are two flawed characters, and one of the things I enjoyed most about "Pleasure Me" is that the story focuses on two people not only finding each other and falling in love, but finding and loving themselves.

Though Ruth is stubborn. She spends the majority of the book despising her age. Garrick is too concerned with his defect to allow people to get too close to him. Though individually Ruth and Garrick have difficulty overcoming their fears, together they grow as people and learn that age is nothing but a number and beauty lies within.

In true Monica Burns style, "Pleasure Me" is both a heartwarming and sizzling read.

Five stars.