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Assassin's Heart (A Novel of the Order)

Assassin's Heart - Monica Burns This second installment of Monica Burns’ Order of the Sicari series is a red-hot, seductive read that has you burning through the pages until the very end.

Assassin’s Heart focuses on Lysander as he struggles to come to terms and accept his past. After being tortured at the hands of his enemy, Lysander discovers a secret that he cannot bear to share with anyone – especially the woman he secretly loves and keeps at bay.

While I loved the first book, Assassin’s Honor, I absolutely loved reading Lysander and Phaedra’s story. This book picks up the search for the Tyet of Isis that was started in book one, but primarily takes place in Rome, where Lysander is leading his group to search for clues. Lysander is a broken hero (which makes him more loveable) who struggles with his desire for Phaedra as he’s forced to work alongside her.

There are a lot of stories going on in this book, but Burns blends them together fantastically. I’d love to expand on these, but you’ll need to read the book to know what I mean. Suffice to say that the romantic story lines and the plot twists will keep you reading until the very last page.

I cannot wait for the release of book three in this series. If you’ve yet to pick up this fantastically written series, do so. Monica Burns will rapidly become one of your favorite authors.

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