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Clan Rathskeller (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #0.5)

Clan Rathskeller (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #0.5) - Kevin Hearne I found author Kevin Hearne on Twitter quite randomly; Book Addict that I am, I went to his site and discovered that his first book, "Hounded", will be released in April.

As the synopsis says, "Clan Rathskeller" takes place ten months before the events of "Hounded" (coming April 2011).

I'm not sure if Kevin Hearne adds this to let the reader know a general timeline or if the events of "Clan Rathskeller" will play into the events of "Hounded".

Either way, for a super short story (26 pages) it was a pretty engaging read. Hearne definitely has something different on his hands, and it was only a matter of getting used to his voice to get into the story. This is a personal thing, as I've been submersing myself in romances lately.

"Clan Rathskeller" is told from the POV of Atticus, a centuries-old Druid living in Arizona, hiding from the Irish gods. He's accompanied by his dog, Oberon, and the two communicate telepathically.

Oberon definitely came across as the comic relief, but the story is so short that the reader doesn't get a true feel for the humor. Hearne delivers a clean, quick story -- enough to entice the reader about Atticus and the world he lives in, but not enough to really get a feel for it.

Imagine being at a buffet; everything smells delicious, but you aren't allowed to taste anything.

That's kind of how "Clan Rathskeller" left me feeling about looking forward to "Hounded". I'm curious, but I would have liked a little something more to get a good feel about what I could expect in "Hounded".

Then again, it could be that I've been reading a lot of romance lately and I was looking for a female character. While I understand that Hearne is not writing romance, it'd be nice if there's a female character for women to relate to in "Hounded".

I'm on the fence on preordering "Hounded" -- mostly because my "resolution" this year is to buy new authors on my eReader, rather than buying a physical book.

Despite being hard to relate to due to a lack of a female perspective, "Clan Rathskeller" is a good short story that won't take but fifteen minutes to read through.

Three point five stars.