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Untouchable (Everwinter, #1) available November 5, 2013


A thief with a dangerous secret…


Aneira Frost is a master thief who's being noticed by the wrong people. She's hired by a client she can't refuse for a job she can't fail --  steal a nutcracker from the King of Pohl or die. But when the object she's stolen turns into a Guardian of the North inexplicably appears in her house one night, his past and her greatest secret puts both their lives on the line.


A Guardian running from his past…


Freed from a curse after thirty years, Nikolas Claus wants nothing more than to pick up the pieces of his broken past, bury them and move on with his life. He accepts the help of a beautiful, mysterious blonde — until she betrays him to the man responsible for cursing him. But when Niko learns the truth about his beautiful thief, he’ll be forced to confront the shadows of his past.


A prince denied his throne…


Rattagan wants one thing: revenge on the King of Pohl. Dreams become a reality when he discovers the thief he hired is actually an untouchable — someone with the ability to break any magic spell. But he’s not the only one with plans for Ani. In exchange for helping the Winter Queen release a long-forgotten evil, Rattagan will have the throne he’s always wanted…and so much more.

Source: http://alicejanell.com/books-2/everwinter-series/untouchable-2